5 Best Aegon Life Insurance Plans in India


Launched in the year 2008, Aegon Life Insurance has emerged as one of the leading insurance companies in the country today. The plans are especially relevant in that they are not only viable but also easily accessible at least as far as the online components are concerned.Although relatively recent, the plans have notched up considerable growth in the recurrent phases.

Best Aegon Life Insurance Plans

Below are the top five best life insurance plans from their stable.

Aegon Life Easy Protect Insurance Plans

  • The foremost life insurance plan, in terms of relevance and popularity is the Life Easy Protect Plan. The plan is especially propitious both for its comprehensiveness and lucidity.
  • Fundamentally, the said plan is meant to protect the family members or the loved ones of the concerned insured at the time of his or her death.
  • Interestingly, what makes this plan relevant and as accessible is the fact that it comes at too affordable a cost. It ensures a sturdy financial protection in times of acute need.
  • The foremost feature of the plan is that cover amounting to at Rs. 1 crore is offered. Also, it is fundamental to note that the premium payable is Rs. 8100 per annum.
  • As far as the applicability of the plan is concerned, it is applicable to any male of twenty five years of age.
  • However, one of the most significant things to keep in mind before buying the plan is that the prospective insured should compulsorily be a non smoker.
  • As far as the period or the tenure of the plan is concerned, the cover is for a span of twenty years.
  • Most of the times insurance plans, specifically term plans, do not have the additional terminal illness advantage. However, what makes this plan especially relevant and endearing is the fact that it comes equipped with a terminal ailment advantage. As a result prospective policyholders are naturally attracted to this term plan.
  • The plan also covers death benefit. Interestingly, what makes this plan stand out is the fact that it covers death induced by potential terrorist activities, too. Broadly speaking, most of the times plans do not tend to cover such large scale mortality instances.
  • It is essential to note that usually insurance or term plans prefer sticking to the established norms such as personalized predicaments in order for their death benefits to accrue.
  • Aegon Life Easy Protect Insurance Plan is especially favorable in this very regard as it covers such a large scale and almost collectivized circumstance at least so far as its death benefits are concerned.

Aegon Life Term Insurance Plan

One of the more relevant plans includes Aegon Life term Insurance Plan. So far as this particular plan is concerned, it is essentially meant to help the concerned nominee after the death of the respective insured.

In fact the plan is beneficial in a lot of ways. Apart from providing a sustainable life cover to the family of the concerned deceased, it also offers monthly payouts that essentially act as income benefits. Some of the other features of the plan include the following:

  • What marks the plan is its essential characteristic of accessibility, comprehensibility and relevance. Although the plan may be said to be less broad, more concentrated in a particular aspect, the plan is no less appropriate, given the general socio-psychological trends of the prospective policyholders.
  • Possibly the plan is the only one here that offers the advantage of two deaths.
  • As far as the second death benefit is concerned, it is important to note that it offers additional monthly payouts that are chiefly meant to act as income advantages for the nominee.
  • It is equally significant to keep in mind that the said income benefits are furnished for a period of five years.
  • Additionally, it is essential to remember that the said monthly payments account for no less than three per cent of the total cover amount.
  • Unlike the life easy protect insurance plan the plan in question does not provide any death benefit where terrorist elements are involved.
  • However, it is important to keep in mind that the plan does provide the benefit of inbuilt accidental death to the respective nominee.
  • As far as the span of the period of the plan is concerned, the cover is essentially furnished up to the age of seventy five years.
  • Additionally, it is important to note that unlike the life easy protect insurance plan here the concerned insured can avail of the apposite tax benefits as provisioned in the Income tax Act of India.
  • It is especially in the aforementioned regard that the plan stands out from the other ones. In fact, it is significant to note that the plan is especially accessible to low income dependants.
  • As mentioned before, the various strands of the multiple death benefits offered by the plan in question have helped it emerge as one of the most preferred plans in the insurance world.

Aegon Life iCancer Insurance Plans

As the name itself suggests, the plan is chiefly meant to shield the concerned insured and his or her family members or loved ones against the financial expenditure incurred during the occurrence of cancer.

In this regard it is important to underscore a significant exclusion: the plan covers all kinds of cancers except skin cancer. Nonetheless, the plan is especially beneficial in times of acute financial need and has naturally emerged as one of the most important insurance policies in recent times.

The following are some of the most elementary features of iCancer Insurance Plan:

  • The plan is accessible to anyone diagnosed with potential carcinogenic anomalies. Also, the plan is especially useful in that it offers financial cover for each and every stage of the disease.
  • Against the economic backdrop of such dreaded a disease as cancer, the financial payouts offered are considerable both in their amount and the span they cover.
  • What is most significant about the plan is that it can be bough online and with no additional paperwork involved. This is crucial given how effectively it complies with the pecuniary urgency of the situation at hand.
  • Apart from the sheer absence of any kind of bureaucratic mayhem, one of the equally endearing aspects of the said plan is that claim can be made on multiple cancers at the same time.
  • Given the financial exigency of such a crisis, the plan is evidently one of the most weighty and substantial ones.
  • Additionally, it is important to underscore the fact that the plan does not require the concerned insured to shell out any additional premium after the major stage of the disease. This makes the plan relatively more accessible and viable for the common lot.
  • Also, it is significant to keep in mind that relevant tax benefits are permissible under this plan. Once can avail of the tax benefits according to the provisions as applicable under the Income Tax Act of India.
  • Already a plan that is meant to benefit cancer patients financially, the tax advantage evidently comes as an added star which eventually makes the plan one of the most user friendly and affordable ones.
  • Also, the most relevant aspect of the plan in question is the fact that each and every stage of the disease is covered.

Aegon Life iIncome Insurance Plans

As the name itself hints, this is primarily an online insurance policy. The chief aspect or motto the plan is to disburse financial assistance to the respective nominee upon the death of the concerned insured.

It is important to note that the concerned nominee, under this plan, is entitled to receiving incessant payouts which naturally translate as potential income benefits. Apart from that the following are some of the more elementary features of Aegon Life Insurance iIncome Plan:

  • The most intriguing aspect of the plan includes the fact that it is one of the most lucid and comprehensively viable plans.
  • It is primarily characterized as an online plan with no redundant red tapes attached.
  • At the time of the death of the concerned insured, a specific lump sum is disbursed to the appointed nominee.
  • Payouts on a monthly basis are offered for up to the age of sixty five years or a period of five years, whichever comes later.
  • One of the most endearing aspects of the plan is that it covers both death and disability of the concerned insured.
  • Moreover, premium is liable to be wavered in the course of critical illness or disability.
  • As mentioned before the plan is strictly away from any kind of bourgeois paperwork, it being primarily an online platform.
  • The plan being available online has certainly emerged as one of the most accessible ones in the market. In fact, prospective policyholders can look up for themselves and decide according to their subjective preferences.
  • Another important feature of the plan is that it is viable and affordable against the backdrop of exigent financial crisis.
  • Given the high quality and low cost aspects of the plan, it is emerged as one of the most affordable ones in the insurance market.
  • As usual, the plan leaves options open for the concerned insured to avail of the relevant tax advantages as provisioned under the Income Tax Act of India.
  • Also, given that the plan is readily available online, it aids the concerned policyholder save a considerable portion of precious time against the backdrop of such financial duress.
  • Although a bit low in its initial years, the plan has steadily notched up a considerable growth in the past few months, especially in the previous year, thanks to a considerable part of buyers generally hailing from the drier patches of the economy.

Aegon Life iSpouse Insurance Plans

Last but not the least, one of the most crucial plans of the lot is certainly the iSpouse Insurance Plan. In fact, the plan has emerged as one of the more relevant ones amongst the others. Not surprisingly, the plan is easily the most viable and technically flexible.

The following are some of the fundamental features of the plan:

  • As the name itself suggests, the plan is readily available online.
  • It inevitably follows that plan does not include any kind of redundant paperwork whatsoever.
  • It should be noted that the plan, as the name suggests, is primarily meant for working couples ridden with serious financial liabilities.
  • One of the most flexible parts of the plan is that both husband and wife can be covered under it. It is an exemplary policy especially in this particular regard.
  • Upon the death of any one of the respective insured, lump sum is disbursed instantly. Additionally, it is important to note that relevant monthly payouts are disbursed on a regular basis for a period of sixty odd months.
  • Apart from the death benefits available under the plan as mentioned before, one of the endearing aspects of the plan is that it covers instances of terminal illness.
  • In fact, any of the couples, if inflicted with terminal disorder, is essentially liable to get duly covered under the prospects of the plan.
  • Importantly, there may be such circumstances as accidental death. In such a case, additional amount is released against the backdrop of the strident financial urgency.
  • As usual, the concerned insured may avail of the apposite tax benefits as applicable according to the provisions of Section 80C of the Income Tax Act of India.
  • As with the other plans mentioned before, this plan also is especially relevant for its appropriateness and comprehensiveness, given the financial dead end.
  • Additionally, what is essentially striking about the plan is the fact that it covers both husband and wife in similar terms thus saving a lot on their part.

Also, the plan is extremely tractable given how it is provisioned to tackle economic exigencies and financial pitfalls.

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